Easy Thanksgiving salads and sides.

So, we’re a week away from Thanksgiving … if you’re much of an advance planner, you probably have the table set and the serving dishes labeled with little notes to indicate their contents. Or, perhaps you haven’t given any thought at all to your Turkey Day menu.

I’m in the advance planning camp. So I combed back through the writes4food archives to find a few fresh-tasting salad and side dish recipes to bring a little unconventional home-cooked love to your holiday table. If you’re planning a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner, then the broccoli-brown rice bake would be fantastic. (It remains one of the most popular vegetarian recipes around here.) The apple-fennel slaw recipe I shared last week would be terrific for Thanksgiving: super seasonal and very bright-tasting, a nice contrast to the heavier holiday foods. I’ve also included a couple of easy homemade bread recipes.

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