All-vegetable ‘Bolognese’ pasta sauce.

hearty vegetable bolognese recipe |

This vegetable-centric Bolognese pasta sauce is just what I’m craving right now: full of seasonal vegetables (mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, butternut squash), yet not too heavy. It’s just right for fall. Make a big batch this weekend, and stash leftovers in the freezer for frosty winter dinners. Get the recipe on! Continue reading

Grilling summer vegetables in foil.

It’s just after the Fourth of July, and summer is in full swing here in the Midwest. After a long, cool, record-breakingly rainy spring, I’m ready for the sun and heat. Bring it on. These long, warm days have an … Continue reading

Roasted vegetables, 3 ways.

When you cook for two as we do, it’s challenging to find creative ways to use leftovers. I look for ways to reuse, rather than reheat, leftovers. One night’s grilled steak becomes the next day’s steak salad. Roasted vegetables can … Continue reading