What to do with garlic scapes.

how to cook with garlic scapes

They’re here! Garlic scapes! What’s a garlic scape, you ask? It’s the cute curlicue that sprouts from the center stalk of garlic as it grows. Gardeners and farmers know to clip off the scape — it’s delicious! — and removing it sends the plant’s full energy toward the underground bulb. Here’s a primer on what to do with the garlic scapes you find at farmers’ markets now. Continue reading

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What to do with garlic scapes.

I’ve spotted them—in my own garden and at farmers’ markets—just in the last week: Garlic scapes. Hooray! What is a garlic scape, you ask? The scape is the little curlicue sprout that shoots from the top of a hardneck garlic … Continue reading