Fun ingredient of the week: figs.

Please pardon a little garden-success boasting here, but you have to see these figs! We’ve discovered how easy and rewarding it is to grow figs: the tree itself is a beautiful accent on the patio, and just last week it exploded with dozens of fat, ripe fruits. Figs, meet your new BFF: prosciutto. Get inspired to try growing a fig, and get a simple recipe for figs and prosciutto! Continue reading

Pasta with chard pesto and creme fraiche.

pasta with swiss chard pesto and creme fraiche recipe |

Here’s another taste of California Wine Country cuisine for you: a bright, velvety, gorgeous pesto made with Swiss chard, enhanced with the creamy tang of creme fraiche. (Who knew?) Get this recipe for pasta with Swiss chard pesto, inspired by our recent travels! Continue reading

Garlic scape-arugula pesto.

arugula garlic scape pesto recipe |

Wondering what to do with garlic scapes while they’re still in season? Try this arugula-garlic scape pesto recipe; you can freeze the pesto to enjoy later. Continue reading

What to do with garlic scapes.

I’ve spotted them—in my own garden and at farmers’ markets—just in the last week: Garlic scapes. Hooray! What is a garlic scape, you ask? The scape is the little curlicue sprout that shoots from the top of a hardneck garlic … Continue reading