Our approach to food & cooking.

writes4food is all about a simple, honest, local approach to cooking and eating. It’s all about knowing where your food comes from, working with real ingredients and preparing them without fuss. It’s about eating fresh, having fun, enjoying your time in the kitchen. And it’s about tasty wines, beers and cocktails that can enhance your enjoyment of food and life. It’s not about beautiful photography (we don’t have that kind of equipment; images are shot in our kitchen, under random lighting), not about fancy recipes.

writes4food is focused on the Midwest. Some of our favorite food blogs hail from the coasts. And while we love reading about all the good ingredients to be found at the Union Square Greenmarket or the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, those things aren’t necessarily in season or available in the heart of the country.

writes4food is seasonal. If we write about soup in the summer, it’s gazpacho. If we post about tomatoes in February, they’ll be of the good, canned variety (or, preferably, ones we put up ourselves).

writes4food is ingredient-focused. We’ll explore multiple preparations of interesting ingredients … like ways to cook with quinoa or different variations on the tomato salad. We’ll taste-test ingredients to explore subtle variations in flavors.

writes4food is fallible. We’re not afraid to screw up, and to share what we learn from our mistakes. We’re non-expert experts. We’re eager to learn and explore, and messing up comes with that.

writes4food raises a glass. Or glasses, to be exact. We’ll tinker with interesting cocktail recipes (like The Recombobulator) and share wine finds that are available locally. We praise Budweiser as the ultimate post-lawn-mowing beer and toast Peroni as our favorite import.

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3 thoughts on “Our approach to food & cooking.

  1. Compelling, entertaining, informative and just plain useful – especially for us Hoosiers looking to recreate amazing and simple food dishes / wine selections from California to France (and all those other sexy destinations) right in our home. This site is not only the perfect companion to our cookbooks and magazines . . . it will now be our primary ‘go-to’ source!

  2. Budweiser, really? Bryn, please try some of the great local craft beers! I’d love to hear your ideas on pairing them with food. Love the new format, by the way.

  3. Sorry to post here, but I don’t know exactly how to get a hold of you, but I would really like to invited you to the grand opening of French Fry Heaven, 206 Calhoun on April 7. Everything fresh, everything made from scratch. I know you will love it!

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