Delicious cooking with whole grains.

Whole grains (farro, quinoa, etc.): They’re super delicious and healthy, too. Great recipes and ideas for cooking with whole grains. Continue reading

Cheesy butternut squash and wild rice bake.

On a recent blustery day, I was craving something starchy, carby, hearty and cheesy. Voila: this recipe for Cheesy Butternut Squash and Wild Rice Bake. It’s a hack on my most popular recipe, and while it’s full of whole grains and winter squash, there’s enough cheese here to keep the dish from being *too* good for you! Get the recipe on Continue reading

Whole grain salad with tomatoes and corn.

This recipe is inspired by a dish that a colleague many years ago brought to an office potluck. Some 15 years later, it’s still one of my favorite lunchtime salads, and a great side dish for grilled chicken, too. This fantastic salad features whole-grain farro, sweet vegetables, herbs and an easy balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Get the #recipe! Continue reading

In praise of: Shagbark Seed & Mill corn chips.

Ohio Valley friends: Have you tried Shagbark Seed & Mill corn chips? They will spoil you for any other name brand corn chips. They taste, you know, like corn. Get the scoop on our new favorite snack! Continue reading

Hearty barley and vegetable salad.

I love recipes that do double-duty, like this hearty barley and vegetable salad, which makes a great side dish for roasted chicken tonight and a happy and satisfying lunchtime salad tomorrow. This whole-grain recipe makes a ton, so you can feast on it all week. Get the recipe! Continue reading

Best Thanksgiving side dishes.

Whether you’re planning a full Thanksgiving menu or you’ve been asked to bring something to the table, here are some tasty Thanksgiving side dish recipes that will shake things up this year. I’m thinking fresh flavors, fall vegetables and healthier options that taste great and impress your family! Get my best Thanksgiving side dish recipes! Continue reading

The best tip for making a perfect salad.

What’s the secret to creating the perfect salad? It’s a step that you’re overlooking: seasoning your greens. Here’s how to amp up your salads. Continue reading

Healthy recipes for the new year.

Tired of the rich, sweet holiday food? Ready for a fresh start? Craving your veggies? Here’s a batch of healthful recipes to start your new year right. Continue reading

Lunchbox salad with chicken, carrot and fennel.

This fresh-tasting salad of chicken and vegetables is a perfectly packable lunch to take to work. Use store-bought cooked chicken to make it super easy. Continue reading

Homemade granola bars.

You’ll love these crunchy-chewy homemade granola bars, with natural sweeteners, dried fruits and whole grains. Continue reading