Awesome appetizers for your Thanksgiving feast.

If you stop and think about it, it’s kind of absurd to even consider appetizers before Thanksgiving dinner. But let’s not stop and think about it, shall we?

Because all the while the turkey’s in the oven roasting, it’s emanating the most delicious smells from the kitchen. Tummies will invariably rumble. Dinner will invariably happen a little later than the hosts imagined. Conversations will invariably veer in strange directions as family members and guests imbibe.

So, yeah: appetizers are a good thing.

But they should be two things: 1) easy to make (or for guests to bring along) and 2) fairly light. Just little nibbles to keep the edge off the hungries until everyone sits down to the main event. Amiright?

Here are a few great Thanksgiving appetizer recipes that meet those two criteria. Even better: they’re all easily made ahead. Give one or several a try this year:


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