In praise of: Shagbark Seed & Mill corn chips.

Ohio friends: Have you had these? We’ve been crunching on Shagbark Seed & Mill‘s excellent corn chips and can’t get enough of them. You know what’s awesome about them? They. Taste. Like. Corn. Not corn-ish. Not supersaltycorn. Not processed corn. Corn. Kind of a cross between fresh corn and popcorn.

And wow! The crunch! Hefty, hearty, totally satisfying. Bet you won’t just mow through a pile of these like you would name-brand corn chips.

I won’t buy any other corn chips. Ever.

FYI: Shagbark, based in Athens, OH, is a pretty remarkable local food business, built to help sustain employment and supply nutritious food in Appalachia. Their flours, cornmeal and other milled grains are awesome (I love their spelt cereal, kind of like a more healthful and delicious Cream of Wheat). In Cincinnati, you’ll find Shagbark products at Madison’s at Findlay Market, Whole Foods and Green BEAN Delivery.

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