Best Thanksgiving side dishes.

Wondering what kind of side dishes to make alongside your Thanksgiving turkey (or ham, if that’s how you roll)? It’s kind of overwhelming, right? All the recipes out there, the cooking magazines, the newsletters and blog posts … there’s too much to choose from.

We travel for Thanksgiving, so I’m not in charge of planning the menu. But if I were hosting, here’s my selection of great Thanksgiving side dishes that would put a refreshing spin on this most traditional of meals. These side dish recipes feature seasonal vegetables, hearty grains and fresh flavors. I especially love the fennel-apple slaw recipe and the charred carrot salad recipe. Try the broccoli brown rice bake for vegetarians at your Thanksgiving table. The Lyonnaise salad would make a lovely first course. And there’s really nothing better than homemade biscuits on the Thanksgiving table!

Happy cooking, dear readers!

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