18 best recipes to make this summer.

We’re in prime summer produce season here in the Midwest, when tomatoes are still going strong, sweet corn has a few weeks left, squashes are abundant. I love this time of year, as summer yields to fall and it seems we have the best of both. In that spirit, I give you 18 best summer recipes that you absolutely must make while all this great food is available. Don’t wait: The offerings at your farmers’ market will change before you know it!

3 thoughts on “18 best recipes to make this summer.

  1. We love your creamy corn. I had some leftover and the next night used it in our omelets (with onion and tomato). It was great. Thank you so much for your practical, easy homemade recipes. I work full time and don’t have lots of time in the kitchen.

    • I was thinking that creamed corn would be great with eggs, like mixed into a yummy scramble. Great idea — thanks for sharing!

  2. The creamed corn is great. We used leftovers in our omelets the next night. Thanks for your delicious easy recipes.