Strawberries with creme fraiche and brown sugar.

This is the Easiest. Dessert. Recipe. Ever. Fresh strawberries, local, ripe, sweet and juicy. Creme fraiche, that wonderfully rich sour cream alternative. Brown sugar. Dip, drag, pop, eat. Perfect.

Make this fresh strawberry recipe — it’s hardly a recipe, really — while berries are at their seasonal peak. That means RIGHT NOW.

fresh strawberries with creme fraiche and brown sugar recipe

(serves 2; can be multiplied)

1 pint fresh local strawberries, as ripe as you can get them
1/2 cup creme fraiche (or sour cream or whole milk Greek yogurt)
1/4 cup brown sugar

Wash the berries but do not hull them; pat them dry. On a platter, place the berries, a small bowl of creme fraiche and a mound of brown sugar. Dip each berry in the creme fraiche and then the brown sugar.

One thought on “Strawberries with creme fraiche and brown sugar.

  1. Bryn,
    I have loved dunking strawberries into sour cream and then brown sugar since I was a little kid. Reading Jamberry to my own kids reminded me to try the combination out with them.
    I think the substitution of crème fraîche would be amazing.