It’s here: The Findlay Market Cookbook.

Finally, about almost a year, it’s here: The Findlay Market Cookbook. I’m just overwhelmed and proud of the project.

It’s everything I hoped it would be: A celebration of this wonderful place where Rob and I spend practically every Saturday morning. A compelling argument for embracing local food. A love letter to the farmers, vendors and producers who bring us those delicious products. A snapshot of Cincinnati’s current food scene, with recipes from some of our finest chefs and mixologists. You’ll find it exclusively at Findlay Market through early 2015, and then at bookstores in our area. Most important: Proceeds support the nonprofit Corporation for Findlay Market, which manages and sustains this cultural icon. Catch a sneak preview of a few recipes from the cookbook here.

[And yes, it would make a lovely Christmas gift for your family and friends.]

Rather than blather on about it, I thought I’d share a few pages that I love:



Market Wines

Pho Lang Thang

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