Fruit and herb infused water.

I’m not one for gadgety kitchen things … but this summer, I’m loving an infusion water pitcher that I picked up recently. We all know (don’t we?) the importance of drinking 8 full (that’s 8-ounce) glasses of water every day to keep our bodies hydrated. Drinking infused water makes that goal so much more achievable. It’s deliciously refreshing, and it’s a great way to add potassium and vitamins to your diet without drinking those icky bottled “smart” waters. The added potassium gives fruit-infused water a double bonus: Potassium helps balance fluid and electrolyte intake in your body’s cells. Potassium helps the water you’re drinking go to better use.

The infusion pitcher is super handy: Just cut up some citrus wedges and grab a few herb sprigs from the garden and fill the infuser, then fill the pitcher with cold water. The longer the water sits in the fridge, the deeper the taste. Recently, I visited the delightful local food writer and educator Rita Heikenfeld, and she shared a pitcher of infused water with fruit, edible flowers and a bit of sweet stevia from her garden. It was beautiful.

I’ve been going through a pitcher of infused water every day. I change the fruit and herbs every 3 or 4 days. My favorite flavor combinations for infused spa water:

  • lemon and basil
  • lime and mint
  • strawberry and mint
  • strawberry and raspberry

Are you getting enough water on these hot summer days?

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