Fantastic spring recipes.

Finally, it happened: Spring arrived. Not the astronomical spring, which happened two weeks ago. I’m talking about the psychological spring, the one that happens when you get that first glorious, sunny, warm day, when you start to see the tiniest specks of leaf and flower on trees, when the hardy crocus give way to daffodils.

The arrival of this version of spring means that fresh produce is soon to arrive in our farmers’ markets. Just this week, I harvested a huge colander full of spinach that managed to survive the winter in our cold frame, and the arugula I seeded in a mini greenhouse outside the kitchen door will be ready to pick over the weekend. I’ve spotted local greens, fiddlehead ferns and pricey spring mushrooms at Findlay Market. Soon, we can hope to see spring onions, peas and asparagus, green garlic, ramps, baby lettuces, cooking greens, shoots and sprouts. Soon, our way of eating will shift from red meats and root vegetables to lighter protein, salmon and greens.

In preparation, I’ve gathered a selection of my best spring recipes—featuring seasonal ingredients or a lighter flavor profile that seems to suit this part of the calendar. Enjoy!

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