Healthy recipes for the new year.

I’ll admit it: I’m cookie’d out. Baked out. Ready to ditch the sweets and the too-many appetizers and the rich holiday food in favor of a lighter way of eating.

Here’s a snapshot of some of my favorite healthy recipes: vegetable-packed casseroles, salads full of whole grains, vegetarian-friendly dishes, comforting meatless pastas and a whole-grain breakfast granola.

2 thoughts on “Healthy recipes for the new year.

  1. You said it… Cookied-out, baked out and time to ditch all of that holiday sweet goodness! Thank you for the healthy inspiration! I feel better just reading! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks for the comment, Ann! It’s good to hit the reset button with healthier eating and healthier recipes in the New Year. Cheers to you!