Coming soon: A nifty new look.

If you pop in during the next week or so, you may find some odd goings-on, as this site begins to look a little different. Don’t worry! I’m working with the fantastic WordPress website designer Jill Anderson to give the ol’ place a simple makeover (I hope you like!), and add some elements that will make it easier for you to search for, find and print the recipes you like. We’re doing the work in real-time, so you may see changes as we make them. If you’ve already subscribed to the site, (so you get an e-mail when a new recipe is posted) you’ll continue to receive those updates; if you’ve bookmarked the site, the URL won’t change.

With my thanks for your continued readership and best wishes for happy cooking,


One thought on “Coming soon: A nifty new look.

  1. Now, if you could only add kitchen cooking aromas to this thing. You’d be a millionaire. With affection, matt porter