What a great story.

I started my day with an in-box full of comments on yesterday’s posts about The Clara Project. It’s such a sweet outcome to the story: sharing vintage recipes, hearing from Claire Williams’s daughter, learning a little about her life.

What got a little lost in all that unfolded yesterday was the fact that the whole idea—of drawing one recipe per week from Claire’s collection and sharing it here—was Rob’s in the first place.

So here’s a little shout-out to my better half, chief cook, idea-bouncer-offer, wine guy, caretaker and best friend.

B and R

8 thoughts on “What a great story.

  1. Bryn,
    I just burst into tears reading the week’s posts today. What a heartwarming story. I’m so happy to read ‘the rest of the story’, and so glad that your feature caused it all to come to light.

  2. Loved the artical in the food section, Wednesday June 19th, the Cincinnati Enquirer. Haven’t been cooking since my illness but now… I think this has stirred me into exploring cooking all over again. Thanks to you and Rob.

  3. This is marvelous! As a vintage devotee who collects and uses old cookbooks, particularly those of the 30s, I’m also a bit jealous. 😉

  4. I just saw the whole story on Yahoo and then I linked to your blog. I’m not a big cook either (like Jan), but this is inspirational! And honestly, I DO want to pass on good cooking to my kids, so I am saving your blog and will try out some of the recipes with my kids. I’m so glad you did this project!

  5. The article on Yahoo about your recipe cards prompted me to open an old recipe box I bought years ago – I love all things Asian and it had an Asian motif on the box. Its just been sitting on the shelf. I started looking through the box and the owner also gave credit to various people for the recipes. I guess I’ll have to start trying them – like meat loaf, best lemon pie ever, banana pudding, slaw dressing, fried chicken, peanut brittle…. I live in NC – all Southern recipes for sure!

  6. As a former Cincinnatian now living in Marietta Georgia, I loved this story. I also treasure the recipes from my mother and my sisters mother in law. I made a cookbook for my nieces with family recipes. Many old German recipes that are treasured family recipes. What a find you made in that antique store. What a wonderful meeting you ladies had. I loved reading this story and will make many of the recipes you have so generously shared with your readers. Thanks for sharing.