Beautiful business cards.

Allow me a moment of giddiness about a not-exactly-food-related topic: my pretty new business cards.

The first thing I did after launching writes4food in 2010 was to order business cards. I had them printed by, which offers very high-quality digital printing for business cards, postcards, stickers and the like. Moo’s mini cards, which are half the size (horizontally) of traditional business cards, are utterly charming. People I hand my business card to are delighted by their cute smallness.

Not too long ago, Moo introduced a Luxe line of deliciously double-thick business cards, and my friends at Mohawk Fine Papers offered the opportunity to try the Luxe line. I asked Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design, who created the website for my freelance writing business, if she could come up with a special business card design. We settled on a plan to show recipes from writes4food on the back of the cards, with a QR code that links directly to the recipe. How cool are these?

New Moo Luxe Business Cards

Fancy Moo Luxe Cards

5 thoughts on “Beautiful business cards.

  1. Per my comment on your site, love these! On another note, we need to get our chats back on the calendar. Can you do next week?

  2. I agree — Moo makes awesome products. I’ve purchased business cards, note cards, stickers, and postcards from them and have always been impressed by their quality and fun packaging.

  3. I love that! So much better than my idea from last year. Can’t wait to see them in person at CFC.