Wine of the Week: Columbia Crest H3 Merlot

Wine: Columbia Crest H3 Merlot
Price: $12
Tasting notes: Dark raspberry fruit and earthy aromas up front; silky smooth, mild tannins, long finish. Would pair with any white meat or hearty pasta.
Story: H3 is Columbia Crest’s shorthand for the Horse Heaven Hills viticultural area in Washington State where the winery is located. Columbia Crest has been bottling the H3 line for the last 5-ish years, and these wines are widely available in this distinctive label. Locally, we’ve seen Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and a great red blend (“Les Chevaux”). For the dollar, these wines are among the best buys on the market. We tasted this merlot at our last stop on a bar-hopping night recently and loved it. Fortunately, we had a few bottles stashed away at home and have since confirmed that it is just as good when it’s the first glass of the evening.
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