Grilled red bell pepper and egg sandwich.

You know how the simplest things are just the best? This sandwich couldn’t get any more basic: red bell pepper, egg, cheese, bread. Done.

I’m told the pepper-and-egg sandwich is classic Italian comfort food; in searching around the interwebs I found variations on this terrific meatless sandwich recipe that involved sautéeing sliced peppers and scrambling the egg. But this version, inspired by one I discovered on Cooking with Caitlin‘s blog, is even easier: Crack an egg into half a red pepper. Grill. Add cheese. Eat. Go ‘mmmmmmmm ….’

Here’s the thing: Serve this sandwich on a really, REALLY good toasted and buttered English muffin. Cincinnati folks can procure the extraordinary English muffins from Blue Oven Bakery; Wolferman’s are good, too. Failing that, fat slices of good sourdough bread, toasted, would do the trick. And please, for the love of Pete, don’t skip the cheese. Go for a sliced sandwich cheese that melts well; we like Hoffman’s Super Sharp from the deli. This pepper and egg sandwich is great for breakfast or for a Meatless Monday dinner. And it’s become one of our favorite meals, particularly on those “what are we gonna make?” nights.

grilled pepper and egg sandwich

(serves 2)

1 large red bell pepper
2 fresh eggs
2 (or, OK, 4) slices cheddar or American cheese
2 English muffins, split
salt and pepper

Preheat grill to medium, or preheat broiler. Carefully core the pepper, cutting as close to the green stem as possible (you want a “cup” that will contain the egg). Halve the pepper lengthwise and remove seeds and ribs. Season each pepper half well with kosher salt. Crack one egg into each pepper “cup” and season generously with freshly ground pepper. Carefully transfer the peppers to the grill and cook, covered, for about 12 minutes or until the peppers are lightly softened and charred and the eggs are set. (If using the broiler, check for doneness after about 8 minutes.) Toast the English muffins on the grill or broiler; butter one half of each muffin and top the other half with the sliced cheese and toast to melt. Place one pepper-egg on a cheese-topped muffin half, top with the buttered half.

red pepper and egg sandwich #writes4food

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