10 great football party foods.

Rob and I are huge football fans, which means that we’re not Super Bowl party people (we actually like to, you know, WATCH THE GAME). So I don’t have a good excuse to make a ton of food for a gathering. Instead, I’ll share my Top 10 Appetizer Ideas in hopes of inspiring your party planning:

Ultimate Build-Your-Own Party Snack Mix—this is simply a must-make: Build a variation on Chex Mix with your own favorite add-ins. (I love adding cheddar goldfish and salt-and-pepper pretzel bites.)

Crostini with Hummus and Chard—a nice vegetarian option for your football party; this simple appetizer features homemade hummus (though store-bought is fine), winter greens and feta cheese.

bettersnackmix  crostini with chard and hummus #writes4food

Damn Good Meatloaf Sandwiches—Make your own homemade old-fashioned meatloaf ahead of time (or use purchased Italian meatballs) and create these epic meatloaf sandwiches with caramelized onions and arugula. Made these recently, and they just begged to be served with cold beer for the Big Game.

White Bean Puree—yep, we’re in full-on dip mode here, folks, and this is yet another one of our favorites.

ultimate meatloaf sandwich recipe #writes4food  white bean dip #writes4food

Blue Cheese Spread—skip the beer cheese and go for something incredibly flavorful and a bit more special. Whole-wheat crackers are the perfect go-with.

Pizza with Pretty Much Everything—ham? Check. Salami? Check. Cheese? Check. Yep, that’s pretty much everything.

Tomato-Feta Dip—bright and tangy, perfect for focaccia toasts or crostini. I don’t love either anchovies or cilantro, so I substitute capers and parsley in this recipe.

Mascarpone Torta with Pesto—if you want to get a bit fancy, this looks fantastic, and it reminds me of a cheese spread Rob & I have enjoyed at the Oakville Grocery in Healdsburg, CA.

Caramelized Onion Dip—the old sour-cream-onion-soup standby grows up, with caramelized onions and a healthier Greek yogurt/sour cream mix. You can make this low-fat and people will never know. Which means, well, you can eat twice as much.

Pea Dip with Parmesan—this is a fun, unexpected alternative to guacamole, and just as tasty with tortilla chips or pita chips.

Go team!

4 thoughts on “10 great football party foods.

  1. Thanks for uncovering the wheat berry recipe from Gourmet. I’m practically buried in wheat berries and farro and need. new. ideas. The working lunches next week will be less tedious with something yummy and healthily filling.

  2. Oh, how I wish I had taken the time to look at the football game recipes before the SuperBowl. The Carmelized Onion dip is making my mouth water… I guess I’ll save this one for the season opening (World Champions) Giants game.

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  4. Nothing beats Cincinnatis Skyline Chili Party Did for a fast , E-Z, fantastic dish .
    I scoop it up with Big Scoop corn chips , They seem to accent the product quite well and ya can dig deep with them and they stay together no worries about double dippn, mmmm great