Make-ahead appetizers for Christmas Day.

I’m excited to be hosting a small (really small: 3 people and a dog) family gathering for Christmas. And I’m already planning a whole raft of appetizers to keep us going between our late-morning Christmas breakfast of coffee cake and fruit salad, and dinner.

I’m still refining the menu and browsing websites for appetizer ideas, searching out snacks that can be prepared ahead and simple recipes that I can throw together quickly. In the latter category, I’m thinking of little pastry shells filled with cherry tomatoes and mini mozzarella balls, and dates wrapped in bacon and broiled.

Searching through recipes I’ve posted here, I’ve bookmarked several easy appetizers that I’ll have on hand for Christmas Day nibbling, including:

Labneh with Fresh Herbs—this thick Middle Eastern yogurt makes a low-fat and delicious spread or dip, mixed with chopped fresh herbs and garlic.

Homemade Sea Salt Crackers—to go with the recipe for that healthy Labneh cheese spread.

Homemade Cheese Straws—these are a must-have in my repertoire of appetizer recipes.

Spicy Herbed Nuts—in my view, the very best spiced nuts recipe, with rosemary and a hit of cayenne.

My Ultimate Do-it-Yourself Party Snack Mix—I love making party mix with the snacks I love, including seasoned pretzel bites, cheddar goldfish and roasted peanuts. Add whatever you want!

Homemade Labneh Herb Spread spicedcashews Homemade Party Mix Recipe Homemade Sea Salt Crackers

What are you planning for your holiday menu? Please share any ideas here!

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