The Clara Project: an update.

When I started The Clara Project, I intended to randomly draw a recipe card once a week, so that our exploration through this vintage recipe card collection would unearth some interesting retro dishes to make. But through December, I’m going to suspend the random draw and instead choose old-fashioned Christmas cookies and desserts that suit the season.

And this week’s post won’t be from Clara’s collection at all—rather, I’m going to make and post one of my Grandmother Ruth’s most coveted recipes, one that she kept close to the vest and that I’ve only recently put my hands on.

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving dessert yumminess!

Meantime, catch up on our recent Clara Project recipes:

old-fashioned chocolate snack cake
classic homemade donuts (good for Thanksgiving breakfast, not like you need them)
potato chip cookies

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    • Hi, Mary — thanks for the question. I don’t have a way to reproduce and sell these vintage recipe cards.