Better than store-bought: Homemade cheese-peanut butter crackers.

So, here’s the part where I admit to a rather slutty food addiction: cheese-peanut butter crackers. You know the ones: Sealed in cellophane, sold from boxes at convenience stores and gas stations the nation over. In fact, CPBCs are my go-to road trip snack, grabbed on the go whenever we stop for gas along the way. Frito-Lay, Lance’s, Keebler—it doesn’t matter. I’m not brand loyal. I just crave that perfectly, artificially sweet-salty combination of crunchy, neon orange, vaguely cheese-tasting crackers schmeared with HFC-laden peanut butter.

But I knew I could do better. I knew I could create a recipe for homemade-cheese peanut butter crackers using whole ingredients. I knew I could come up with a snack that was just a teeny little less bad for you.

And I did.

It’s easy: Begin with this recipe for cheddar cheese straws. Instead of cutting them into pencil-thin strips, use a square cookie cutter or a pizza cutter to create 2-inch squares. Use the blunt end of a bamboo skewer to poke a half-dozen holes in each square to prevent the crackers from getting puffy. Bake for 15 to 18 minutes per the recipe; let cool, then spread  half the crackers with all-natural peanut butter and make little sandwiches.

This is my new obsession …

photo of homemade cheese peanut butter cracker recipe

7 thoughts on “Better than store-bought: Homemade cheese-peanut butter crackers.

    • Hi, Kenneth — no, these homemade cheese peanut butter crackers don’t need to be refrigerated. Just keep them in an airtight container — a zip-top sandwich bag would be perfect for your ride to school.

  1. Can I make and store them for easy to-go snacks or do the crackers get moist? Should I just spread the peanut butter right before eating?

    • Hi, Maggie — These homemade cheese peanut butter crackers aren’t super-super crunchy like the store-bought kind; they’re a little more tender. I didn’t find that the cheese crackers got soggy, but they didn’t stick around my house too long! You could freeze the crackers and take out what you need in the morning before work or school, and spread the peanut butter on them at that point.

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