Garden glory.

If you have a garden, you know that it yields hair-pulling and frustration, pride and wonder in equal measure—often, all in the same growing season. So I hope you’ll excuse a little bit of the latter [with emphasis on the pride part].

I took these photos about 2 weeks ago, and already the garden has changed: The chard is plush, the garlic is sending out scapes (want to know how to grow your own garlic this fall?), the arugula has bolted and been re-seeded. I’ve planted green beans and another round of Tom Thumb lettuce, and potted up my starts of zucchini, a ‘patio’ variety that I’m hoping is as compact as advertised, lest my already crowded vegetable bed get completely overrun.

From top to bottom: garlic, arugula, Tom Thumb lettuce, Chardonnay grape (just for shizzles), mixed flowers. 


One thought on “Garden glory.

  1. Beautiful looking garden. Well done! We are just planting and seeding here. Fingers crossed, come August, we’ll have some nice plant pics for our blog. Happy blogging, lee. (