The favorites list: early spring.

I know it’s not just my impression: Truly, the weather this winter has been odd. As of the first of March, we have NOT a) shoveled the driveway, b) worn snow boots, c) had snow days. We HAVE 1) seen daffodil, aconite and squill in bloom, 2) had several 60-degree days, 3) enjoyed lunch outdoors. These weirdly, unseasonably warm-ish days have me dreaming of spring. Which, really, is just about three weeks away. Here’s a peek at some of the spring-y things on my wishlist right now:

I’m sort of obsessed with outdoor lighting, particularly candles to lend a pretty warmth to our beloved side porch. But tealights burn out in, like, 10 minutes, and pillar candles leave meltysmudgy wax in the glass jars I use as hurricanes. So I’ve ordered oil fuel cells from a restaurant supply company.

In the same vein, I love the idea of fitting glass apothecary jars with wicks and filling them with lamp oil.

Our new favorite sandwich (this would be excellent done on the outdoor grill): grilled fontina on rye with arugula.

Rob’s birthday cake: perfect yellow cake with chocolate-sour cream icing. Yes!

Soooo cute: ballet flats from Tom’s Shoes.

Soy candles in Weck jars. Need I say more? Swoon! (Hey, family, if you’re looking for gift ideas …)

Oh, how I love this sweet attache handbag from JCrew.

Thanks to my brother, Bill, and his new Chicago bakery Baker & Nosh, I am now a junkie for La Colombe coffee. The best I’ve ever had. Ever.

I’m loving artist Kelley Somer‘s still-life paintings of glasses, silver- and dishware, and simple fruit. Beautiful!

Oh, and Pinterest.

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