Getting back to lighter eating.

Rob and I didn’t completely overindulge during the holidays, but we did eat foods that were richer and heavier than we tend to eat normally. So as the new year unfolds, I’m eager to get back to a lighter style of cooking and eating.

Light cooking in winter seems like a contradiction—after all, don’t our bodies crave protein and carbs during these cold months? True. But I find dishes like vegetable-based soups and stews, hearty grain-laden salads, and seasonal foods like potatoes and winter squash to be especially satisfying during this time of year. I look forward to working my way through Super Natural Every Day, the new(ish) Heidi Swanson cookbook that Rob gave me for Christmas. And in the meantime, here are a few healthy, satisfying and seasonal dishes you might enjoy:

easy chickpea, spinach and tomato stir-fry—this makes a fine meatless main dish or a hearty side to grilled or roast pork or chicken.

couscous with roasted vegetables—whole-grain couscous is topped with roasted seasonal vegetables for a flavorful, colorful dish. Use your choice of veggies; I like butternut squash and zucchini, but brussels sprouts, turnips, parsnips, mushrooms or bell peppers would be delicious substitutions.

roasted red-pepper sauce—also called ‘Romesco,’ this sauce is bright and lively; it makes a flavorful topping for simply grilled boneless chicken breasts or firm white fish like sea bass or halibut.

spanish rice pilaf—warm, starchy, delicious and studded with fresh vegetables, this is one of our all-time favorite dishes. With a green salad and crusty bread, you’ve got dinner.

pizza with swiss chard and egg—love, love pizza topped with sautéed or roasted seasonal vegetables. Plus, this pizza recipe includes one of my favorite current food trends: topping dishes like pizza, pasta or risotto with a gently cooked egg.

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  2. I love Heidi Swanson. Not only our the recipes great, but the pictures are beautiful! I just made her stuff shells recipe. While not exactly light, it’s so delicious & a perfect winter comfort food.