This week at the farmers’ market: SF edition.

… and, we’re back …

Funny: For a food blog, writes4food was unexpectedly quiet last week, arguably the most food-focused week on the U.S. calendar. A couple of reasons for this: One, we don’t do Thanksgiving. Or rather, we don’t cook it (much to my chagrin). We’re guests at my father’s table on Turkey Day, and as a consequence—while I would relish the challenge of roasting the turkey, making all the sides and fretting about whether it would all be done at the same time—I do very little cooking.

Second, Rob and I spent part of last week traveling: We scheduled a last-minute, squeeze-it-in-between-other-obligations secret getaway to San Francisco and environs. The bulk of our time was spent outside the city, but we made the obligatory pilgrimage to the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning.

So, while I work on new posts this week (with recipes, promise!), I’ll leave you with a few glorious market photos. (And yes, strawberries are quite in season in the Bay Area at this time of year. Color me jealous.)

2 thoughts on “This week at the farmers’ market: SF edition.

  1. Bryn – You should enlarge these wonderful photos and sell them as artwork for the kitchen. Such interesting composition! Love the carrot image!