A great local food purveyor.

I connected this summer with a fellow Cincinnati foodie, Amy Hunter, who turned me on to Keegan’s Seafood Market. I’m always seeking new local sources for great food, and this place totally rocks. Keegan’s brings the freshest seafood in daily and weekly, and you can really tell the quality.

On two different visits, we purchased a Coho salmon fillet and some sea scallops. The salmon was hands-down the best I’ve ever cooked at home. Normally, I like to top grilled salmon with a sweet-hot mustard and cracked pepper (which offsets some of the strong salmon-y taste). But the Coho from Keegan’s needed absolutely nothing more than salt, pepper and a sprinkle of our favorite seafood seasoning, Lake Shore Drive from The Spice House. Rob grilled the fish to perfection; it was hearty, meaty and pure in flavor. Likewise, the scallops were ideal—sweet, firm but tender, wonderful on the grill. (We served the scallops over summer succotash.)

This past Saturday, we RSVP’d for Keegan’s monthly-ish wine dinner, hosted by Tom Keegan and a local chef. We sampled the house-smoked tuna belly (fab!), an appetizer of perfectly seared tuna with soy-ginger sauce, rare hangar steak over a Thai-style slaw, and warm and melty chocolate timbales. The food was great, the company even better.

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