Helping kids eat healthier.

We don’t have kids. And as a consequence, our social circle isn’t filled with friends who have kids. The few folks I know who have little ones in the house have no concerns about feeding their children healthy food—let alone about feeding them, period.

But I know that many, many families struggle with this. And I worry about food insecurity, food deserts, the growing health consequences of poor dietary choices. I live in an urban environment, I shop at our city’s public market and I choose food that’s healthy and relatively inexpensive. I wish that for everyone. So I’m always on the lookout for information and programs that work toward the goal of safe, healthy, simple food. And I love this toolkit from Sesame Workshop that helps parents and caregivers teach kids to try new things, to eat healthy snacks that energize their little bodies, and understand where food comes from.

Here, Super Grover is helping Elmo identify this new food on his plate (no, Grover, it’s not a rock or a French poodle … it’s a kiwi).

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