This week at the farmers’ market: Bloomington edition.

We recently took a fun road-trip to Bloomington, Indiana. It’s one of our favorite places to spend time, with a vibrant food scene (including the wonderful Farm restaurant), a gorgeous campus to wander through and a charming downtown. But the real hook for us—beyond all the fond memories we have of attending I.U.—is the Saturday morning farmers’ market. The Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market is undoubtedly one of the finest in the Midwest, with about 60 vendors selling all manner of seasonal produce, baked items and prepared foods. On our late-August visit, we found:

  • Corn, of course: beautiful Indiana sweet corn
  • Melons, including the aptly named Ambrosia variety
  • Leeks and fresh sweet onions
  • Fresh cultivated shiitake mushrooms (wonderful sautéed with the aforementioned leeks on top of a white pizza)
  • Tomatoes: Pink Lady, Mortgage Lifter, Carolina Gold, Sun Gold, and a teeny golden miniature cherry-type labeled ‘tomato caviar’ by a savvy vendor
  • Peaches, elderberries and the tiniest, sweetest raspberries I will ever eat
  • Fresh-dug potatoes
  • Gorgeous peppers in all colors and varieties, including the red and  yellow bell peppers we bought to make into a colorful risotto
What’s in season at your local farmers’ market right now? Comment below to share your bounty!

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