Harvesting homegrown garlic.

Forgive my pridefulness, but I had to share a peek at the bounty from my tiny backyard vegetable garden. I planted cloves of fresh farmers’ market garlic last October and harvested two rows of freshly grown garlic just today. It’s a wonder of the garden that what’s sown in cold weather bears results 8 months later.

Here’s how to grow garlic in your own garden with a planting this fall.

3 thoughts on “Harvesting homegrown garlic.

  1. That looks like a fantastic harvest! We will be pulling ours this weekend. Last year we planted 90 cloves! I was sure we’d be drowning in the stuff, but actually we ran out last week. Towards the end, it was trying to sprout, but really held on reasonably well (actually, remarkably well considering it was 11 months old.) The secret is complete darkness and someplace cool, like a basement. Enjoy!

  2. Wow, Amy! 90 cloves of garlic! That’s awesome. I’ve heard from others that homegrown garlic keeps very well. Last summer, I planted just 1 row, so we went through it pretty quickly, but I harvested more last week. I have it hanging in the basement to cure now — I’ll use that as my long-term storage, as well, and bring just 1 or 2 cloves at a time up to the kitchen. Thanks for the comment.