The favorites list: late spring.

As I’ve been transitioning to a second career writing full-time about food, cooking and recipes, I’ve spent a lot of time nosing around to find cool stuff. I’ll share some of my recent fun finds:

Peroni loves the taste of Roll Over Red Rover‘s super-cute dog treats, and we love that they’re made with wholesome natural ingredients. I’ve never seen such adorable cut-out shapes! When I spotted a container of bite-size treats shaped like squirrels, acorns and leaves while we were on vacation in Asheville, I had to buy them.

Dyer Straits is two Cincinnati women who transform vintage table linens by hand-dying them in deep, rich colors. Gor-JUS!!! I found them at the City Flea.

I’ll admit to being a sucker for great packaging, but the contents are just as important to me. So I really like Cucina kitchen products, which look great and work well. I have the hand and dish soaps by the kitchen sink, and I just recently picked up a little porcelain-jar candle, all in the coriander and olive tree scent.

Where has this been all my culinary life? Kuhn Rikon’s “fourth burner” pot is tall and slim, for cooking on the smallest burner on your stove. It comes with a basket insert and has a clear glass lid. I was trading Facebook messages with the person behind the website Food In Jars, and she raved about it. Hello, family: You know I have a birthday coming up, right?

You could have a whole table service of Sabre flatware, but I like having just a few pieces of this bright and fun line of cutlery and serveware, just for a little French accent. This stuff is hard to come by, and it takes forever if you order online.

I wish I had spotted these adorable Ball Elite half-pint canning jars before I made a batch of strawberry jam this week. But no worries: Up next is a batch of blueberry jam, and I’m out of the half-pint jars. So I’ll order a box of the Ball Elites.

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  1. I love to use the word “transitioning” myself, although it’s actually not a derivative of “transition.” My excuse is, “Well, I’ve never met a noun I couldn’t verb.”