Adjusting to life as a freelance writer.

Seven weeks into life as a freelance writer, I have to admit to a bit of bipolarity about the whole thing.

On the manic side, I had just about the best week ever last week, when I traveled to a Southeast Ohio dairy farm with Edible Ohio Valley magazine photographer/publisher Julie Kramer. I’ve been collaborating with the Edible team for the past couple of months, and the projects have been both fun and fulfilling.

This week, I have more writing to do before I head to Chicago for the Creative Freelancer Conference. When I began contemplating this second career and resolved to make the leap, I set a personal goal of attending CFC as a freelancer. Meeting that goal feels great. I’m excited to connect more deeply with other freelance creatives and to learn how to grow this little business I’ve hatched.

I’ve been pleasantly busy — not overloaded, but I have a full to-do list each day. When Rob and I vacationed recently, I felt for the first time in a VERY long time that I could disconnect totally. I didn’t have panic attacks at the thought of returning to work to find a constipated in-box and to face an agenda full of meetings. In fact, I talked with Ilise Benun at length about my first few weeks as a freelancer on the Creative Freelancer Blog.

On the depressive side, I don’t know where the next big project will come from. I’ve been networking like crazy and making great connections, but those have yet to bear fruit. I suppose this is the up/down life of a freelance creative. Ilise has taught me that consistent and steady marketing will help even out the cycle so I’m constantly busy, but that takes time. So I have to be patient.

Anybody need a copywriter? 😉

2 thoughts on “Adjusting to life as a freelance writer.

  1. well, the good feeling is, those money worry feelings subside over time—and not even always because you plan it out and see money on the horizon, but because you know it always does work out. i don’t know why, but trusting helps, and distracting yourself with self-promotional ideas fill up your downtime.

    it will be great to see you at the conference this week!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Heather. I sort of figured it was part and parcel of the freelance life, and that I’d gain the confidence as I get my marketing efforts going that work will, in fact, come in. See you in Chicago!