The favorites list: winter.

These days, there are lots of things Rob and I are loving (and a handful of things I’m dying to try), including:

During our vacation to Healdsburg, in Sonoma County, back in August, the guy at the tasting room for Murphy-Goode (one of our favorites) used a Vinturi wine aerator. We’re not ones for wine gadgets, but the tasting-room guy poured us the same red wine twice—once through the aerator—and it made a surprising and noticeable difference.

Another vacation find that I’m still smitten with: these ceramic berry baskets. I thought I wouldn’t have as much use for them after summer faded, but I was wrong.

I love these rustic French taper candles in gorgeous rainbow hues for the dining room.

Speaking of candles, this pomegranate-citrus scented soy candle from Archipelago is wonderful. It fills the house with a terrific fragrance. Santa brought me some.

I made a batch of blueberry muffins for New Year’s Day breakfast, and used these brown muffin papers. They allowed for larger muffins, and they look really pro.

This ultra-fine French gray salt is perfect for finishing dishes.

Yes, I know you can just throw a teaspoon or so of salt into your pasta-cooking water. I like these Italian salt tablets because they’re very precise for the job. And kind of cute.

Mom got me hooked on this pasta. Now everyone in my family loves it.

I have a feeling I’m going to be inspired to buy one of these when we get back from Morocco. Good thing there’s a LeCreuset outlet store nearby.

Amarene cherries: perfect additions to cocktails and desserts, in a gorgeous container. (Thanks to Bill for these.)

Peroni’s paws are completely protected from salt and ice, thanks to these rubber dog boots that are easy-on, easy-off.

I’m totally going to stock up on these super cute & cool Weck canning jars to make strawberry jam this spring.

In addition to the tomato plants in my vegetable garden, I’m going to tuck these little beauties into a pot for the patio. Girl can’t have too many tomatoes!

Who knew that the company that makes my had-’em-forever sailing boots also makes cute ones for the garden?

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