Fresh laundry.

I’m keen on the growing trend of what I’ll call Urban Ruralism—keeping a small garden, old-school crafts like knitting and sewing, canning and preserving (which is suddenly SUCH the thing). It’s funny: with the exception of sewing, I’ve been doing this stuff for awhile. And I’d add to that list: drying laundry outside.

I grew up falling into bed made with sundried linens on summer nights. There is nothing … absolutely nothing … like spending a day outdoors and then tucking in between sheets that smell of the outdoors. Forget all those “nature”-scented laundry products. Hanging sheets on a clothesline on a sunny day has all the disinfectant, freshening, brightening action you need.

One thought on “Fresh laundry.

  1. hi, I live in France, and they wouldnt dream of tumble drying here, apart from the fact its too expensive to keep running the dryer. Your right though, its lovely to get into a nice clean bed, thats been dried outside, you just cant bottle that smell.