Pizza with prosciutto and arugula.

We make pizza at home. A lot. When we order delivery, we opt for the traditional topping combos: pepperoni, sausage & mushroom, spinach.

But our homemade pizzas tend toward different flavor combinations. The Mooth House Special Pizza is inspired by Bovolo in Healdsburg, CA; it’s topped with fontina, prosciutto, arugula, lemon olive oil and lots of fresh cracked pepper. We recently returned to Bovolo and ordered up their Rolando pizza, and found, to our pleasure: Ours. Is. Better.

pizza with prosciutto, arugula and lemon olive oil
(serves 4)

pizza dough (we like Trader Joe’s or our homemade pizza dough recipe)
4–5 oz. grated Fontina cheese
2–3 oz. prosciutto
1 bag baby arugula
lemon olive oil (we like DaVero)
cracked pepper

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. If you have a pizza stone, place it in the oven when you turn it on. Roll or pull pizza dough into about a 16-inch round (thinner or thicker depending on your preference). When oven is hot, carefully pull out the shelf with the pizza stone and sprinkle generously with cornmeal, then lay dough on the hot stone. Alternately, lightly oil a metal pizza pan and place the dough in the pan. Bake about 8 minutes, or until crust is very lightly browned. (Note: Watch for the crust to bubble; if this happens, pierce the bubbles with the tip of a paring knife.)

Remove browned crust from the oven onto a rimless cookie sheet. Top with fontina; sprinkle generously with cracked pepper. Return pizza to oven (slide the crust firmly off the cookie sheet back onto the stone); bake for another 8 or so minutes until cheese is nice and bubbly and golden.

Remove pizza from the oven onto the cookie sheet. Tear prosciutto into shreds and scatter over pizza (use more or less to your taste). Top with a giant pile of arugula, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with more cracked pepper. (Note: if you don’t have lemon olive oil, then toss the arugula with EVOO and the juice of half a lemon before piling onto the pizza.)

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