Perfectly smooth, practically no-fat red pepper hummus.

homemade roasted red pepper hummus recipe |

This easy homemade hummus is full of flavor and extremely low in fat, making it a healthy dip for veggies, pita chips or breadsticks. Discover the trick to making the smoothest, creamiest hummus ever! Get the recipe! Continue reading

Sharing a summer favorite: tomato and corn pie.

recipe for summer corn and tomato pie

We’ll still enjoy red, ripe tomatoes for several weeks yet, but summer corn is on its way out at farmers’ markets around here. So make this summer favorite tomato and corn pie in a no-roll cornmeal crust — while you still can! Get the recipe. Continue reading

BGT salad: bacon, goat cheese and tomato.

fresh tomato salad with goat cheese and warm bacon dressing recipe |

Here’s a new take on the ubiquitous summer tomato salad with … wait for it … BACON. Even better: a warm dressing of bacon drippings (let’s call it what it is, people: bacon FAT) and balsamic vinegar that softens the tomatoes and releases their juices. Oh, and goat cheese. Yep. You want this. Get the recipe! Continue reading

Classic tomato sauce for canning or freezing.

homemade tomato sauce recipe

At an organic food conference last spring, I heard about a new-to-me process for making homemade tomato sauce using ripe summer tomatoes. It’s a wonder! This three-part recipe for tomato sauce is super efficient — and delicious! Get the recipe! Continue reading

Fresh tomato salad dressing.

tomato salad dressing made in the sunshine |

As if summer tomatoes aren’t sun-kissed enough: This easy tomato salad dressing is doubly so. Mix chopped tomatoes, herbs and other good stuff in a tall jar, pop on the lid and set it in the sun for a couple of hours. This dressing is super easy and versatile, too! Get the recipe! Continue reading

18 best recipes to make this summer.

recipe for corn and zucchini saute |

We’re in that glorious transitional time between summer and fall, when warm days mix with cool nights, when farm-fresh produce is still abundant (though we know it’s fleeting). Here are 18 must-make recipes for summer corn, tomatoes + more. Get the recipes! Continue reading