Cooking on the road.

Rob and I enjoy having access to a decent kitchen when we travel, so we can take full advantage of local produce and other goodies. Like the Lowcountry shrimp we’ve been eating almost daily here in Beaufort, SC.

Two nights ago, we lightly sautéed a half a pound of medium peeled and cleaned local shrimp with two cloves of garlic, then squeezed half a lemon over the top. We tossed the shrimp with some freshly made black-pepper fettuccine that we bought at the farmers’ market. It was incredibly simple, but I’d put that meal up against dinner from one of the waterfront restaurants here in town.

Last evening, after a very hot round of golf on Hilton Head Island, we unwound and cooled off under a massive, Spanish moss-draped cedar tree right on the water overlooking the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. We parked it on a picnic table with a glass of rosé and Miss Peroni. I call this “Still Life with Radio.”

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